Our Partners

About United Solar Initiative

United Solar Initiative (USI) is a 501c3 non-profit organization, based in Chapel Hill, NC, working to facilitate solar energy solutions to address energy and water poverty in underdeveloped communities around the world.  USI works internationally with World Vision to mechanize clean water pumps throughout countries in Africa in our joint effort to address the global issue of water poverty.  USI also works domestically to facilitate solar installations on schools and community centers local to contributing for-profit and non-profit companies in the solar industry.


Our Work With World Vision

By coupling solar panels with a clean water pump, USI offers a solution to mechanize traditionally hand-crank water pumps and effectively provide clean water to more people in need.  World Vision is a champion in the effort to address the global issue of water poverty–lack of access to a consistent source of clean water–and USI has partnered to offer a solar solution to communities in countries throughout Africa in need of a reliable source of clean water.


Our Domestic Work

USI works with both non-profit and for-profit companies in the U.S. to facilitate solar panel installations on schools and community centers.  We bring together contributing parties to have an impact in an area that is under-served financially or resourcefully.  USI strongly believes in supporting local communities with solar solutions to reduce energy costs and provide greater visibility to the benefits of solar energy.