Meagan Walsh: Lead Generator for Cape Fear Solar Systems Wilmington, NC

   28th Feb 2017

Meagan Walsh (pictured right) currently works for Cape Fear Solar Systems as a Lead Generator. Formerly, she has worked for Level Solar in Long Island, New York as a Lead Marketing and Events Associate for two years. Through her experiences, she gained a passion for solar and knowledge about its importance in curbing climate change. Here, she discusses her transition to North Carolina and how the industry compares in both states.

USI: What drew you to Level Solar? What values of the organization did you like?

Meagan Walsh: I was initially drawn to Level Solar because of their mission statement — “A local company with a global mission.” It makes you realize that every bit counts and stressed the importance of what I was doing everyday. Level was built off of great values that I lived by every time I put on my uniform, and those values stretched beyond the workplace into my day-to-day life. Of their values, Unity and Positivity were my two favorites. Unity for the fact that the entire company was a team that was there for each other to help out when needed and often times going above and beyond expectations. Positivity created a great environment to walk into every day and it’s true that smiles are contagious! Not only being uplifting towards each other but sharing our excitement with the community to allow them to see our passion in solar energy as well.

USI: What were some of the benefits customers received from going solar with Level?

Walsh: The benefits to going solar with Level are almost endless! You are guaranteed a quality experience with every member of the team you interact with from start to finish. Customers are provided with top tier equipment and 24/7 monitoring on the system, which allows for efficient production. On top of working with an amazing company, customers are eligible for several monetary rebates from the state and government.

USI: What were major oppositions to solar in New York? Do you expect to see similar roadblocks in North Carolina?

Walsh: The most common opposition to going solar in New York would be “I can’t afford it” however, NY has the Power Purchase Agreement, which allows people to go solar at no upfront cost. Once New Yorkers learned about that, it became a no brainer! I expect to see that opposition in North Carolina as well, as the biggest roadblock for now will be that there is not yet a PPA in place in NC; but there are other financing options.

USI: How does your former job compare to your new position at Cape Fear Solar Systems?

Walsh: In New York I was the Nassau County Event Marketing Lead, in my new position at CFSS I will be doing something very similar. I will be stepping in to help the company have a steadier system for lead generation, attend community events including home shows, street fairs, etc., and uplift their social media presence.

USI: What do you look forward to about relocating to Wilmington, North Carolina? What are some differences in the solar industry between the two states?

Walsh: I’m definitely looking forward to the weather down here! It’s much easier to explain the benefits of going solar when you’re not in the middle of a blizzard dumping 3ft of snow! The major differences I’ve seen so far between solar in NY and solar in NC is that not as many people down here know of the different programs and options for how a family can go solar.

USI: Why are you passionate about solar?

Walsh: I’ve always had a passion for solar energy and environmental sustainability. From a young age I knew I wanted to do something to literally change the world but I didn’t know how. Growing up in a time where environmental consciousness has become more recognized has definitely helped drive my desire to get into the field. The opportunities in the renewable energy sector are endless.  When I was in my senior year of college and started looking into various career paths, I noticed that there were several solar energy companies hiring. Throughout my two years working in the field, my passion has continued to grow and develop. Knowing I’m doing something to help the environment AND help people save money is incredibly rewarding. I can go home everyday and know that I did something meaningful and that feeling is priceless.

Interview By: Andie Migden