Colocondo Primary School Goes Solar


The community of Colocondo is centered around a dirt courtyard surrounded by small homes, a community store, and the school house. A short distance away the Colocondo River winds through the mountains before crashing down Colodondo Falls in Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve. The community has a partnership with SONATI, a nonprofit ecotourism organization which brings tourists to a community to see the natural beauty and in return the community pledges to conserve and protect that natural beauty. As part of this partnership, SONATI also works to improve the community in other ways, bringing in educational materials, course ideas and educating the adults on numerous public health initiatives. As part of this desire to improve the community, SONATI partnered with USI to bring electricity to a classroom which previously used kerosene lights to light their classrooms when necessary.

The classroom at Colocondo now has a 500-watt solar array which lights their classroom inside and out and allows for phone charging, TV and video equipment, a CD player, and a computer to use for classes. This represents a huge step for Colocondo and progress towards what large parts of the rest of the world take for granted. The impact this system will have on this community was seen in the faces of the kids who, off from school while the construction was going on, still stayed glued to the school house, watching through the open air windows as the wires were strung through the ceiling and lights were installed from the rafters.

We are very happy to say that Colocondo now has a sustainable source of energy to use for the education of their community and to power their phones and connect them to the world beyond.

Colocondo Primary School Goes Solar

Colocondo, Nicaragua

Cost $3,000.00
Date Started: August 12th, 2015
Date Completed: August 13th, 2015


Sonati provides free environmental education for thousands of children in cities and rural areas and empowers the youth with the knowledge and tools to make a positive environmental change in their communities.

  • A four-part program focusing on observation, education, recycling and festivals
  • Involves rural communities in nature conservation projects where nature protection advances together with social progress.

Suni Solar

Suni Solar is a solar company based in Managua, Nicaragua dedicated to the design and installation of renewable energy systems.  Since being founded in August 1999, Suni Solar has developed vast experience in photovoltaic solar energy in its various applications to meet the basic needs of the market with high-quality products and personalized service.