Update: Solar Water Pumps in Ghana

   20th Jan 2017

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As some of you may know, United Solar Initiative has been working on a partnership with World Vision to provide solar powered water pumps to rural communities. USI not only donated solar panels, but also facilitated training in the transportation and installation of the solar powered systems. The training occurred over four days of June 2016 with members from different World Vision offices and the West Africa Regional Office led by Mr Edwin Witkin and Mr. Jay Peltz.
The participants learned about all aspects of the solar water pump systems. This training focused on design, installation, and troubleshooting. Proper transportation of the systems was found quite useful in the rough terrain.
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With the team armed with knowledge, they went out and installed 8 solar water pumping systems across Ghana, Africa to provide the communities with access to clean water. Overall, 108 panel were used.
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If you would like to help United Solar Initiative’s efforts to make a difference in Africa, please donate to the cause at http://unitedsolarinitiative.org/payment/
Post Written By Karen Klepacz