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   24th Nov 2015
Co-Chair of Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee at UNC-CH

Jessie Robinson, the co-chair of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee, spoke with USI volunteer Lydia Odom about the recent solar panel installation on the roof of the UNC-CH Student Union. RESPC is a student organization that promotes renewable energy on campus. United Solar Initiative: How long have you been involved with RESPC? Jessie […]

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   10th Nov 2015

Ron Strom, the landlord of the Root Cellar, a small coffee shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, recently took the initiative to install a rooftop solar system on his business as a way to combat climate change. He discussed his reasons for the decision and hope for its impact on the local community. United Solar […]

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   2nd Nov 2015
Megan Neligan

Megan Neligan, a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and working as a finance analyst for Cypress Creek Renewables, provides insight on her perspective as a student pursuing a career in the renewable sector. She encourages students to see the solar industry as a great career opportunity. United Solar Initiative: What is your official position with Cypress […]

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   27th Oct 2015
Photo By: Andie Migden

Steven Thomsen, co-founder and vice president of United Solar Initiative, discussed USI’s vision for using solar energy to provide clean water to various countries throughout Africa. USI’s recent partnership with World Vision, an international non-profit organization, has given USI this unique opportunity. United Solar Initiative: What is your vision for United Solar Initiative, in terms of […]

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