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   28th Sep 2015

Fossil fuels are here to stay, but solar energy will play a bigger role in our energy mix than many think. I’ve worked on oil platform design. I’ve worked with oil companies on four continents (North and South America, Europe, and Asia). I live in Houston. And I spend about three-quarters of my time working […]

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   27th Sep 2015

Scientists at Brunel University London have designed a new hybrid roofing system which could halve energy bills in new homes. The patented new system harnesses a unique mixture of technologies to pre-heat domestic hot water for radiators, baths and showers while also generating electricity. More than half of domestic energy use in the UK is […]

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   26th Sep 2015

The very day North Carolina legislative leaders released their 11-weeks-late budget, a headline in The Wall Street Journal proclaimed that, “Renewable Energy’s Potential May Be Understated.” The irony is contained in what’s not in the budget: a continuation of the state’s renewable-energy tax credit. Until now, North Carolina has been a national leader in adopting […]

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   25th Sep 2015

 Screen capture MAS Charlotte From plans for 6,000 solar-powered mosques in Jordan to a community-funded solar mosque in Turkey, many muslims across the world have been embracing clean energy. Now a mosque in Charlotte, North Carolina is aiming to also do its part in promoting creation care—partnering with a local solar company to encourage 40 […]

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   24th Sep 2015

One key method of increasing solar adoption and deployment across the world is to focus on reducing the soft costs — those fees, red tape, and other bureaucratic inefficiencies that make it difficult for customers to actually get solar power installed. But a grant awarded this week at Solar Power International (SPI) seeks to start […]

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