Apply for Solar

Who We Are

USI is an organization that empowers community leaders through renewable energy solutions by providing knowledge and resources to eliminate energy poverty. We bring together communities and local solar power companies to catalyze renewable energy installations.

Community’s Responsibility

  1. Develop a plan to use the renewable energy source and guarantee that the plan is followed with a contract/agreement
  2. Supply 4 helpers during the installation
  3. Coordinate support to volunteers and workers during installation
  4. Nominate community leader to monitor system and report any problems to the appropriate person
  5. Educate community members on operation and benefits of renewable energy systems

USI’s Responsibility

If a community commits to the items listed above, USI will commit to the following:

  1. Partner with community members to design an appropriate renewable energy system for the desired application
  2. Raise funds to cover system cost
  3. Ensure the system is installed according to the design specifications
  4. Train community members on proper care and maintenance of their solar power system
  5. Provide 5 Years of annual maintenance for the system if the community follows all agreements with USI

Application- (to be filled in online)

(The following form is an application only and submittal does not guarantee work will be performed.)

1. Describe the nature of your organization (Non-profit, Religious, Political, Business, etc.)
2. Where will the system be installed (school, hospital, orphanage, etc.)?
3. Description of building (roof type, materials, size, etc.). Please include any blueprints, construction documents or photos of the roof (interior and exterior). Ideal buildings have clear solar exposure without shading for the majority of the day.
4. How many people would benefit from the installation of a solar electric system?
5. List four people from the community who would be willing to assist with the installation. Please include two women and two men.
6. Does the community currently have access to any other forms of electricity (generator, utility grid, batteries, etc.)?
7. Are you willing and able to pay for system repairs such as battery and light bulb replacement? If not, how does your community envision raising the funds to replace any damaged equipment? If so, how will it be funded? If several people will be funding repairs please explain.
8. What will the system be used for? Be specific. For example, if the system will be used for lighting, say how many rooms you want to light up and how big they are, and for how many hours/day will light be needed? If the system will be used for water pumping, how much water is needed on a daily basis?
9. Provide an outline of the benefits that your community will experience from this system. Include roles, budget, timeline, number of participants, organization, and goals and any information you would like to include.